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At present there are 134 Business Funding Programs,
including Manitoba Grants, available to you

manitoba grantsThank you for visiting the Manitoba section of our site. We assume you are here because you plan on opening a business in Manitoba. Perhaps you already own your own business and are looking to expand. You have probably discovered that small business financing is not always easy to obtain from traditional lenders so you decided to investigate the possibility of obtaining government of Manitoba grants or other business funding.

Manitoba grants for small business are offered by provincial government departments and agencies as well as by the government of Canada. As of our last update  there are 134 government grants, loans and other business funding programs available in Manitoba. Funding can be used for starting a business in Manitoba or for the expansion of existing small businesses.The types of assistance offered covers grants, low or no interest loans, forgivable loans, loan guarantees, tax credits, tax rebates and lines of credit.

As well as programs for the general population in Manitoba, there are grants for women, aboriginal business grants and youth grants. There are also government business funding programs for certain industries such as manufacturing, technology and the environment, to name a few.

For this demo you have access to one business funding program. This will give you an idea of  how information is provided to our subscribers. Keep in mind that even though there are many business funding programs available, the government does no give  money to anyone who plans on opening a business (or expanding one). Remember, I spent 14 years approving grants in Canada and I can tell you that to increase your chances of being approved, you have to get all your ducks in line before you apply. Therefore after you have reviewed the sample program take a look at the other tools I have provided as well.


Sample Program

Commercialization Support for Business Program

The Commercialization Support for Business Program (CSB) supports entrepreneurship, commercialization and business development by offering a comprehensive suite of financial assistance and services across the business life cycle in six distinct streams.Click here for more information


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