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Grants For Women in Canada

grants for women in canadaEver-increasing numbers of women in Canada have been choosing small-business ownership as a means of self sufficiency and independence.  I am happy to say that the numbers of Canadian women entrepreneurs are growing. In fact from 1999 to 2009, the number of self-employed women grew by 13 percent compared with 10 percent for men. You can find more interesting information on Women Entrepreneurs by visiting this site

Start Up Business Grants For Women In Canada Are Available. 
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To their credit, Canadian governments have long recognized that women face additional barriers to starting a business and in particular with obtaining financing. As a result, start up business grants for women in Canada or in some cases loans, are offered in just about every province.

Most Canadian provinces have established business development centers or associations designed specifically to assist women in starting a business. Many of them offer micro loan programs which may be used to supplement any female business grants or additional funding obtained from the government. Of course we have all the details on any grants for women in Canada, in our directory and we keep it continuously updated. As a valued subscriber to our service, you will be able to:

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